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If you are frustrated about carrying cash while travelling, nervous about theft, misplacing your cash and embarrassed while paying
for dinner with your business associates in cash, we have the solution. In January 2005, we launched Bhutan’s first globally accepted Gold Visa Credit Cards. For more details, visit us at our head office in Thimphu.

How the application process works:
1. Pick up the two credit card application forms (one ours and the other Standard Chartered Bank’s) in original issued by
    Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Limited (SCBNL), Nepal.
2. Once all the documents along with the application forms are presented to us, we conduct a credit check with the other
    financial institutions before beginning the credit process.
3. After approval, the relevant documents are sent to SCBNL to initiate the card production.
4. Once we receive the card and fulfilling all the legal documentations, the credit card division will issue the card.
5. The card will be valid for 5 (five) years from the date of issue and will be renewed if needed.
6. US dollar 1,000.00 will be the maximum amount a card holder can utilize in a year (as per RMA regulations)

We have two types of cards which are: -       
1. Salary Based which is based on salary, and       
2. Collateral Based which is based on collateral.

Specific conditions for Salary based Credit Cards are:
* Must be a Bhutanese citizen and an employee of the Government, Listed Company who is a PF member.
* Maximum credit limit is US Dollar 1,000.00
* A Departmental undertaking form should be signed by the head of the Organization that you are working for.
* All other documents listed in the form (as required by the bank) should be submitted.

Specific conditions for Collateral based Credit Cards are:
* Must be a Bhutanese citizen.
* Must put forward fixed collateral in the form of land, building, listed company shares (other than BNBL shares) and fixed
* Credit limit will be based on total collateral value. (50% of the total value of the collateral)
* Maximum credit limit is US dollar 1,000.00

Primary and Supplementary Cards:
The primary card is issued in the name of the applicant, who can further apply for two supplementary cards (for his/her intimate
family members). Total limit of the card should be shared with the supplementary card holders.

Fees and charges:

* Card replacement fee of Nu.1,000.00 plus courier charge of Nu.1,000.00 per card/PIN is applicable
* An over limit fee is charged to the card account once per month per card account, if the cardholder exceeds the credit
   limit during the month. The fee shall be charged by SCBNL.
* Cash advance fee of US dollar 5.00 or 1% of the transaction amount whichever is higher on every cash advance
* Other charges include whatever SCBNL charges on the card.

For further information, please contact Card Services Department, Thimphu at +975-2-328577 ext: 122
Primary Supplementary
1st Year Nu.3000 Nu.1500
Annual fee Nu.2000 Nu.1500
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