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I am out of country, trying to create a BNB mPAY account. What is the procedure to do so?2018-10-17T10:41:02+00:00

If you are outside Bhutan but want to register for BNB mPAY, please ensure that you have your email registered with us. If you want to add or update your email account with us, please download the [form] and send it to update@bnb.bt after completing it. Once the email is added to our system, registration is easy as the OTP (one time password) and mPIN is sent to that email which is then used for completing the registration process.

Please email us at contact@bnb.bt for further inquiry.

I forgot my ATM pin. How do I change it?2018-09-06T16:43:35+00:00

Now, changing your ATM card pin is easier than ever. Go with your card to your nearest ATM and follow the instructions giving in [this document].


I forgot my mPIN. How do I change it?2018-10-17T10:41:47+00:00

mPIN is a 4 digit code which is used for approving transactions from BNB mPAY.

If you have forgotten your mPIN or want to change it to something else, please fill up the form [download form] and email it to update@bnb.bt.


Annual Maintenance Fee of Nu. 150.00 will be charged on all categories of Savings Accounts, except for NRB accounts, Pensioners accounts, Piggy Bank accounts.