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We provide the following Foreign Currency Accounts as per RMA regulations.

  • FCA-I  –  Foreign Currency Account for Foreign Individuals
    • This account is for all foreigners residing in Bhutan as diplomats or expats.
  • FCA-II  – Foreign Currency Account for Project, NGOs, and International offices
  • FCA-III  – Foreign Currency Account for FDI and Local Industries
  • FCA-IV  – Foreign Currency Account for Bhutanese Exporters & Individual Bhutanese Citizens, having earnings/ remunerations in foreign exchange in Bhutan
  • FCA-V Foreign Currency Account for Non-Resident Bhutanese Citizens Abroad  [Learn More]


  • Individuals (National working abroad, Bhutanese  earning in USD and Expats)
  • Local/private firms
  • Business entities/projects
  • FDI companies


  • Savings account
  • Approval letter from RMA


  • Facility of saving in foreign currency
  • You can withdraw in foreign currency while travelling abroad
  • No hassle of submitting documents to bank while travelling abroad
Foreign Currency Account Opening Form


Annual Maintenance Fee of Nu. 150.00 will be charged on all categories of Savings Accounts, except for NRB accounts, Pensioners accounts, Piggy Bank accounts.