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Government Employee Loan
One of our most successful ventures, we initiated the government Employee Loan scheme in 1997.

1. Features:
1.1. Target market:
1.1.1. Employees of the Royal Government;
1.1.2. Employees of the Armed forces;
1.1.3. Employees of the autonomous bodies;
1.1.4. Employees of the government corporations;
1.1.5. Employees of the financial institutions;
1.1.6. Employees of the international bodies in Bhutan;
1.1.7. Employees of the UN organizations in Bhutan;
1.1.8. Employees of the listed companies with a tracks record of three years profit, and
1.1.9. Employees of the Non-Government Organizations.

1.2. Eligibility:

For loan upto Nu 1,50,000.00 only
The armed personnel should have three years of service
For the regular employees:
a. Grade 10 and above:- after completing the probation period and should provide a Guarantor with 3 years of service. The Guarantor should provide their Citizenship Identity card and proof of their service.
b. For Grade 11 and below: should have 3 years of confirmed service.
Should have PF contribution maintained with RICBL, NPPFB & BNBL
Should not have already availed education loan from NPPFB & Consumer Loan from BOBL.

For loan Nu 1,50,001.00 to Nu 3,00,000.00 only
Should have PF contribution maintained with RICBL, NPPFB & BNBL
Should not have already availed education loan from NPPFB & Consumer Loan from BOBL.
Should have 5 years of confirm services including probationary period for both the client and the guarantor.
G.E Loan guarantor should be of same or above greate than that of the client.

1.3. Documents required:
1.3.1. The Citizenship identity card copy of the applicant as well as a copy of the personal book for the armed forces. The clients are required to be present with the original copies at the time of processing the loan.
1.3.2. An Undertaking form (Appendix 1) duly filled and signed by the Head of the Administration and Finance Division and recommended by the Head/Deputy Head of the agency/department/organization.
The Head of the agency/department/organization for the purposes of this loan shall mean the Director of the department, Dzongdag for the Dzongkhag, Managing Director of the autonomous bodies and corporations.
1.3.3. An Application Form (Appendix 2) duly filled and signed by the applicant with the recommendation of Head or Deputy Head of the Agency.
1.3.4. Initial appointment order and the latest promotion order of the applicant.
1.3.5. Two recent photographs of the applicant.
1.3.6. Latest pay slip signed by the Finance Officer and or Head of Finance Department / Division / Organization of the agency / department / organization.

1.4. Terms and conditions:
1.4.1. The maximum loan amount shall be Nu.300,000.00 (Ngultrum three hundred and fifty thousand and the minimum of Nu.10,000.00 (Ngultrum ten thousand).
1.4.2. The Equal Monthly Installment (EMI) of the loan amount shall not exceed 40 percent of the Take Home Pay. Take Home Pay shall mean the gross salary less all the deductions including house rent, loan repayments, advances etc.
1.4.3. The maximum repayment period shall be five years.
1.4.4. The rate of interest shall be 14 percent p.a. and late fee of 5 percent p.a.
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