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We have been providing finance for the purchase of large and small consumer products. This loan is for any individual or business entity having a reliable source of income and adequate security.

Lending Policy

  • Loan Processing Fee: Nu 500/- for every application.
  • Valuation Fee: As per Engineer’s inspection report (Maximum Nu.5000/-)
  • Interest rate and Term: Click here
  • Repayment: Monthly
  • Penalty rate: 5%

Eligibility Criteria

  • A Bhutanese citizen
  • Own immovable assets such as land and building
  • Own movable assets such as vehicle and equipment (acceptable model within 5 years)
  • Against gold and jewelry
  • Ownership certificate (3 months validity)
  • Insurance of Assets
  • Sound source of repayment
  • Trade license where necessary
  • Loan will be sanctioned at 60% to 75% on collateral value
Personal Loan Application Form
Additional Personal Loan Application Form
Addendum for Personal Loan


Annual Maintenance Fee of Nu. 150.00 will be charged on all categories of Savings Accounts, except for NRB accounts, Pensioners accounts, Piggy Bank accounts.