Recurring Deposit Account2017-10-03T05:55:58+00:00

Save fixed amount of money periodically with us by using our recurring deposit product. In the end, rejoice while you receive all the saved money and the accompanying accumulated interest.


  • Individual
  • On behalf of minors


  • Savings account
  • Recurring Deposit form


  • Monthly installment will be auto linked with savings account
  • Minimum monthly deposit is Nu.300 until a year
  • Take home interest with your Recurring Deposit Principal
  • On maturity, amount will be directly credited to savings account
  • Availability of certain portion of interest on premature withdrawal
Recurring Deposit Account Opening Form


Annual Maintenance Fee of Nu. 150.00 will be charged on all categories of Savings Accounts, except for NRB accounts, Pensioners accounts, Piggy Bank accounts.