BNB mPAY is a mobile banking application of Bhutan National Bank Limited. It provides features that enable easy and convenient banking without the hassle of having to visit the bank. BNB mPAY brings you the best in mobile banking, giving you a secure and easy way to manage your money on the go with instant sign-up using your mobile number.

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Top Features

  • Instant sign-up.
  • Set a 4-digit Password & TPIN (Remember this two and do not share it with anyone).
  • View account balance, mini-statement and transaction details for all your savings and current accounts.
  • Immediate fund transfers to your own accounts in BNB, to customers in BNB and to customers in other banks in Bhutan.
  • Transfer funds using mobile number (for BNB account holders only) or account number.
  • Pay utility bills
  • Recharge your phones
  • Open Recurring Deposit Accounts
  • Open Fixed Deposit Account
  • Open Fixed Deposit Plus Account
  • Pay off your loans
  • Stay in control of your accounts using Transaction Notifications.
  • Instantly activate, lock, cancel and change your PIN.
  • Temporarily block and unblock your debit card.
  • Modify your debit card daily spending limits as per your needs (within Nu. 40,000/day).
  • Lock your debit card on different terminals (ATM/POS).
  • View your card activity history.
  • Manage your beneficiaries: Add beneficiary using mobile (for BNB account holders only) or account number, delete beneficiary and view beneficiary.
  • Scan & Pay instantly to a merchant using merchantPay.
  • Scan & Pay instantly to your friends and family using individual QR code.
  • Calculators to calculate your loan EMIs and interests.
  • Forgot TPIN to reset your TPIN.
  • Cheque Deposit.
  • Contact information of the bank with instant call facility to BNB contact center.
  • Real-time ATM and Branch locator: find your nearest BNB ATMs and branches.
  • Rate the application to give us feedback to improve your mobile banking experience.

Registration & App Permission

To allow us to give you a superior experience, we need your permission to access the following:

  • Location: To display the nearest ATMs/Branches

  • Phone: To allow calling BNB Bank Contact center from the app

  • SMS: To send an activation SMS from your device

  • Camera: To scan the QR codes

  • Phone status and Identity: To generate a phone ID


Registration and transactions in BNB mPAY are ABSOLUTELY FREE of cost. However, in the future, if any charges are applied to any upcoming features, you will be notified through SMS or it will be announced in the BNB website. Data charges from your mobile service provider may apply.

To discover all the BNB mPAY app features, you should have a BNB account.

Don’t bank with us? You can open an account by visiting your nearest BNB branch or extension.

For any feedback, queries or issues pertaining to BNB mPAY app please write to or call us @ 6070

Forms for mPay

TypeFile NameDate ModifiedSize

BFS Complaint Form 11:49 am 12/23/2021383.4k

Donation & Misc Payment 10:56 am 12/23/2021380.8k

MPAY Application Form 11:08 am 12/23/20211.2M

MPAY Change Request Form 12:13 pm 12/23/2021506.6k

MPAY Increase Transfer Limit 11:02 am 12/23/2021369.3k

Merchant QR Code Form 10:53 am 12/23/2021371.2k