Correspondent Banks

BNBL has established correspondent banking relationships with banks both within Bhutan and outside Bhutan. All the branch networks of the Bank of Bhutan, Druk PNB Bank, T-Bank are being used for any banking transactions domestically. All international transactions are routed through the networks of the following correspondent banks:

CurrencyCorrespondent BankCorrespondent SWIFT/BICCorrespondent Account NoAdditional Routing Info
EUR Standard Chartered Bank, Frankfurt am MainSCBL DE FXAccount Number: 18155200; IBAN: DE05512305000018155200;
GBP Standard Chartered Bank, LondonSCBL GB 2LAccount Number: 01706885901; IBAN: GB21SCBL60910417068859;
INR Axis Bank Ltd, SiliguriAXIS IN BB 035Account Number: 035-010200012537; IFSC: UTIB0000035
INR HDFC Bank Ltd, SiliguriHDFC IN BBAccount Number: 01510390000013; IFSC code: HDFC0000151
INR ICICI Bank Limited, MumbaiICIC IN BBAccount Number: 000405026227; IFSC Code: ICIC0000004
INR IDBI Bank Limited, SiliguriIBKL IN BBAccount Number: 182102000003711; IBKL Code; IBKL0000182
INR Standard Chartered Bank, MumbaiSCBL IN BBAccount Number: 32205122969; IFSC Code: SCBL0036001
INR State Bank of India, HasimaraSBIN IN BBAccount Number: 11128915605; IFSC Code: SBIN0001447
INRState Bank of India, EktiasalAccount Number: 00000010364271723SBIN0006509
JPY Standard Chartered Bank, TokyoSCBL JP JTAccount Number: 2342855-1110;
USD Bank Asia Limited, DhakaBALB BD DH 008Account Number: 000842000289;
USD Export-Import Bank of Thailand, BangkokEXTH TH BKAccount Number: 999-6-00369-0;
USD KASIKORNBANK Public Company Limited, BangkokKASI TH BKAccount Number: 0999214045;
USD Standard Bank Limited, DhakaSDBL BD DH 102Account Number: 42000393;
USD Standard Chartered Bank, New York, New YorkSCBL US 33Account Number: 358-202-171-9001; RTN: 026002561
USD Standard Chartered Bank, SingaporeSCBL SG 22Account Number: 01-7-005970-7; Sort Code; 60-91-04
USD Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Ltd, KathmanduSCBL NP KAAccount Number: 01185233751;
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