We provide the following Foreign Currency Accounts as per RMA regulations.

  • FCA-I  –  Foreign Currency Account for Foreign Individuals
    • This account is for all foreigners residing in Bhutan as diplomats or expats.
  • FCA-II  – Foreign Currency Account for Project, NGOs, and International offices
  • FCA-III  – Foreign Currency Account for FDI and Local Industries
  • FCA-IV  – Foreign Currency Account for Bhutanese Exporters & Individual Bhutanese Citizens, having earnings/ remunerations in foreign exchange in Bhutan
  • FCA-V Foreign Currency Account for Non-Resident Bhutanese Citizens Abroad  [Learn More]


  • Individuals (National working abroad, Bhutanese  earning in USD and Expats)
  • Local/private firms
  • Business entities/projects
  • FDI companies


  • Savings account
  • Approval letter from RMA


  • Facility of saving in foreign currency
  • You can withdraw in foreign currency while travelling abroad
  • No hassle of submitting documents to bank while travelling abroad
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