Housing Loan


Financing for construction, renovation and purchase of building/flat for commercial or residential purpose.  


  • Bhutanese Individual, Firm or Company 


Loan Amount  Maximum LTV 
Up to 50 million 80%
More than 50 million 70%
  • The maximum LTV for home loan is 90% 
  • Maximum loan amount for home loan is Nu. 10 million.


30 years maximum  

Interest Rate

Fixed Floating
13% 10%

Commercial Housing Loan 

Fixed Floating
10% 9%

Home Loan


Required Documents

  • Loan Application form duly filled in and signed on all the pages (Full signature).

  • CID copy of the borrower.

  • Two numbers of latest passport size photograph.

  • Ownership Certificate (not more than 3 months old)

  • Site Plan from the concerned Municipal Authority.

  • Approved plan of building.

  • Letter of approval from concerned Municipal Authority or Dzongkhag.

  • Copy of valid Insurance policy of the building, if it is an existing building/apartment.

  • Sale Deed agreement in case of purchase of already constructed building/flat.

  • Latest Pay Slip of the applicant if repayment is tied up with borrower’s salary income.

  • If repayment of loan is tied up with applicant’s salary, a letter of undertaking from the employer for recovery of the monthly installment to be obtained.

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