Loan Products

Loan ProductsFixed RateFloating Rates (1 year reset)Max. Tenure (Years)
<= 5 Years>5 & <=10 Years> 10 & <=20 Years
Consumer Loan (GE)11.00%9.5%5
Personal Loan14.00%13.5%5
Housing-Commercial Loan12.5%12.75%13.00%10.00%20
Home Loan-Non Commercial10.5%10.75%11.00%9.00%20
Manufacturing & Industry Loan11.75%12.00%11.5%10
Loan against Term Deposit / Fixed Deposit1% above TD Interest RateTD / FD Term
Loan against Shares12.00%11.00%5
Service & Tourism Loan12.00%12.25%12.5%8.50%20
Trade & Commerce Loan12.5%10.5%5
Transport Loan12.00%10.5%5
EDP Loan10.00%No Change5
Commercial Agriculture10.00%New Product5
Working Capital Loan13.00%12.5%1

Fixed Deposit and Fixed Deposit + i

TermRetail (%)Corporate (%) FD + (%)
Less than 181 daysN/ANegotiableMinimum 3 Years
181 days to less than 1 year5.5
1 to less than 2 years6.005.00
2 to less than 3 years6.506.00
3 to less than 4 years7.257.257.00
4 to less than 5 years7.507.507.25
5 to less than 6 years7.757.757.5
6 to less than 7 years8.008.007.75
7 to less than 8 years8.258.258.00
8 to less than 9 years8.508.508.25
9 to less than 10 years8.758.758.50
10 years and above
Terms and Conditions
  • The Deposit rates on Corporate Entity, whose total deposit with the bank exceeds Nu.50 million will be subject to NEGOTIATION.
  • Interest rate on pre-mature withdrawal of deposits will be 1% less than the prevailing deposit period interest rate. If the penalty is more than the interest accrued, the penalty will be charged to the extent of interest accrued only.
  • The frequency of interest payment on FD Plus for
    • Corporate shall be Yearly
    • Retail/Individual deposits shall be Monthly/Quarterly/Half-yearly/Yearly.

Recurring Deposit

Deposit PeriodRates (%) p.a
1 year < 2 years7.00
2 years < 3 years7.50
3 years < 5 years8.00
5 years < 7 years8.50
7 years and above8.75
Terms & Conditions
  • Interest rate on pre‐mature withdrawals will be 2% less than the prevailing deposit period interest rate.
  • Period of Deposit:
    • Minimum: 1 year

Savings Account

Savings Account TypeInterest Rate (% p.a)
Regular Savings Account5.00
Piggy Bank Account5.00
Pensioner's Account5.00
Savings Provident Fund (PF) Account6.50

Non Resident Bhutanese Foreign Currency (NRBFC)
Savings Account

CurrencyRates (% p.a)