Loan Against Term Deposit


In order to overcome immediate financial need or to meet an emergency, BNB provides loans against Term Deposits held in the bank as collateral. The facility is offered in the form of Term loan or Overdraft facility. 


  • Bhutanese individual holding Term Deposits account are eligible to avail this loan by keeping their Term Deposit as the collateral for the loan. 


  • 75% of the term deposit value (face value). 

Interest Rate

1% higher than the term deposit rate for Term Loan  2% higher than the term deposit rate for Overdraft facility. 

Required Documents

  • Application form duly filled by the applicant

  • CID copy of the applicant

  • Two recent Passport size photograph of the applicant

  • Term Deposit Certificate

TypeFile NameDate ModifiedSize

ADDITIONAL LOAN 12:16 pm 05/27/2022304.6k

Addendum 10:33 am 09/03/201857.1k

LOAN AGAINST TERM DEPOSIT 12:16 pm 05/27/2022251.2k