OverDraft Facility / Working Capital


BNB offers a limit-based credit facility to business entities by creating a credit line limit, mainly to meet the day-to-day operating costs. This facility is offered as overdraft facility or working capital (esp. for industries). 

For borrowers applying for loans at Thimphu, any loan below Nu.10 million is to be processed from our Thimphu Branch Office located at the Bhutan Post building.


  • Any firms/business entities with valid trade license. 


  • For Overdraft:  Maximum 70% of the collateral value  

  • For Working Capital: Maximum 70% of Project Assets and Current Assets 


1 year subject to review /renewal. 

Interest Rate

Fixed Rate Floating Rate
13% 12%

Overdraft Facility 

Fixed Rate Floating Rate
13% 12.5%

Working Capital 

Required Documents

  • CID copy of the applicant and guarantor

  • Recent Passport size photograph of the applicant

  • Ownership certificates of securities offered to bank

  • Copy of Work Order/ supply order supported by relevant pages of the agreement

  • Copy of the Quotation/Invoice

  • Letter of Undertaking from awarding agencies for routing of Bill payment through bank.

  • Copy of valid trade license

  • Statement of stock & book debts debtors (age wise), sundry creditors as on a recent date.

  • Sales and Purchases report for the past 12 months.

  • Income and expenditure / Profit and Loss and Balance sheet for the last two years (preferably audited)

  • Projected sales and purchases for the next 12 months