We have been providing finance for the purchase of large and small consumer products. This loan is for any individual or business entity having a reliable source of income and adequate security.

Lending Policy

  • Loan Processing Fee: Nu 500/- for every application.
  • Valuation Fee: As per Engineer’s inspection report (Maximum Nu.5000/-)
  • Interest rate and Term: Click here
  • Repayment: Monthly
  • Penalty rate: 5%

Eligibility Criteria

  • A Bhutanese citizen
  • Own immovable assets such as land and building
  • Own movable assets such as vehicle and equipment (acceptable model within 5 years)
  • Against gold and jewelry
  • Ownership certificate (3 months validity)
  • Insurance of Assets
  • Sound source of repayment
  • Trade license where necessary
  • Loan will be sanctioned at 60% to 75% on collateral value
Personal Loan Application Form
Additional Personal Loan Application Form
Addendum for Personal Loan